NutraVesta Proven Review – Should You Buy It?

The weight loss industry is extremely big right now, with new brands and products being introduced every single day. However, picking your way through these products can be a difficult task.

Many brands exaggerate their claims, promising results that they cannot deliver to customers. Some others will try to achieve fast results through dangerous ingredients, without openly disclosing it.

To help you decide if ProVen is the right brand for you, we’ve written a review of the product:

ProVen is a very new product in the weight loss market. While some other brands have decided to focus solely on weight loss, delivering fast and unsustainable results, ProVen has moved away from that.

They have a new approach. ProVen have approached the creation of these supplements with a focus on holistic health. These supplements are packed full of antioxidants – ingredients that are thought to aid the body’s natural detoxification process and improve immune system functions. 

The focus of this brand is not to make an overnight transformation purely for aesthetic purposes, like some other companies on the market right now.

Instead, ProVen focuses on overall health and weight loss as a part of that. Their ingredients don’t just have weight loss benefits, but also have benefits in other areas of general health, including decreased cholesterol and decreased risk of colds. This brand focuses on long term health rather than short term, sometimes unhealthy results.

Proven Ingredients

  • Asian mushroom complex
    • ProVen doesn’t state on their website exactly which mushrooms are in this complex, which should be noted if you’re thinking of buying.
    • Mushrooms are very beneficial to our overall health. They are high in antioxidants and have been shown to lower cholesterol levels, which is necessary for a long and healthy life. 
  • Arabinoglactan: Studies have shown that this addition to your diet can help increase your resistance to the common cold (up to 23%). It can be beneficial to your overall health.
  • Beta Glucan
    • Possibly one of the most beneficial elements to these supplements, Beta Glucan is a kind of soluble fiber, originating from oat or barley
    • Soluble fiber is very useful for those trying to lose weight
    • Increased fiber helps us to lose weight by increasing our feeling of fullness
    • The fuller we feel, the less likely we are to overeat
    • It’s recommended we get 25-30mg a day, but most of us only get about 15mg a day
  • Bioflavanoids
  • Cat’s Claw: There isn’t much conclusive evidence to show how useful Cat’s Claw is in our general health.
  • Garlic Bulb
    • Research has indicated that garlic has some potential benefits for your health
    • Garlic has been shown to be beneficial to your heart‘s health and has been shown to have impacts on people with high blood sugar.
  • Grape Seed
    • Although limited studies have been done relating to grape seed extract and its links to our health, some studies have been conducted more recently
    • A grape seed extract has been shown to have good impacts on insulin levels.
    • Another benefit of grape seed extract is its ability to tackle free radicals in the body, which we’ll go into in more detail below.
  • Green tea extract
    • Green tea extract has a naturally occurring dose of caffeine.
    • It gives you a steady boost that will lead to better energy throughout the day.
    • Green tea extract has also been thought for a long time to have a role in our metabolism.
    • Green tea can increase our metabolic rate, which can lead to increased rates of fat loss.
    • For those who don’t want to drink lots and lots of cups of green tea throughout the day, this more concentrated dose of green tea extract can offer the same levels of benefit to you.
    • However, as noted later on, there are some potential clashes between medications and high doses of green tea.
  • Lycopene
    • Lycopene is a naturally occurring part of many fruits, like tomatoes.
    • It has shown potential benefits to the health of our hearts.
    • It is another ingredient in the ProVen supplements that have antioxidant impacts.
    • It can have beneficial impacts on those who are suffering from mild heart problems.
  • Panax Ginseng
    • A powerful ingredient originating from Asia, Ginseng has many benefits.
    • As well as being a powerful antioxidant, Ginseng can improve the immune system.
    • A stronger immune system, particularly in the winter months, is necessary to maintain overall health.
    • There is also some limited evidence to suggest that Ginseng can reduce blood sugar levels, which can improve your overall health.
  • Turmeric
    • Turmeric is a powerful ingredient with many benefits.
    • It can reduce inflammation and has been shown to have antioxidant benefits, like many of the other ingredients.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E
    • These are popular ingredients in skincare due to their antioxidant properties.
    • Using these vitamins can improve the health of your skin, resulting in brighter, smoother, and more hydrated skin overall.

How Does Proven Work?

ProVen has shifted away from some of the tactics used by weight loss companies. Many companies introduce harmful toxins into the body, inducing a laxative effect that can be dangerous to your overall health.

Instead, ProVen focuses on products that have been shown to have benefits to your overall health, including packing their supplements full of vitamins and antioxidants.

In particular, antioxidants are an excellent supplement to introduce into your diet, as they are known to aid your liver’s natural detoxification process. 

As mentioned above, one of the ingredients in the ProVen supplements is grape seed extract.

Grape seed extract has been shown to have beneficial impacts on the levels of free radicals in our bodies. These are toxins, and if they build up in our bodies, it can have harmful impacts on our livers.

Grape seed extract has been shown to have some benefits in aiding the liver through the detoxification of certain toxic elements from the body. It is good for your overall health, as well as the health of your vital organs.

ProVen’s all-natural products also include the introduction of extra fiber into your diet. Fiber is an important aspect of any diet, but many Americans do not get enough fiber in their daily life.

Fiber is an important addition to your diet to aid weight loss because it helps to slow the digestion process, meaning that we feel fuller for longer. It discourages us from overeating, which is one of the significant factors in weight gain.

Overall, the addition of extra antioxidants and vitamins into your daily diet through ProVen can boost energy levels. The addition of caffeine in the form of Green Tea levels can also give a steady boost of energy throughout the day.

How Should You Take ProVen?

ProVen’s products are easy to consume. They come in a handy tablet form and can be taken with a glass of water. Very easy to swallow.

You need to take 2 pills in the morning after your breakfast. Make sure you do not take the pills on empty stomach. And have the pills with a glass of water.

It is also recommended that you drink lots of water while taking these pills. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

ProVen Side Effects

ProVen adheres to GMP standards. It means they adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices, so the high quality of both their ingredients and their products is guaranteed. On top of this, ProVen is FDA certified.

However, it should be noted that there are some ingredients that could possibly interfere with medications.

In particular, in high concentrations, garlic, green tea extract, and Ginseng can interact with medications. These ingredients can also have side effects such as nausea, dizziness, and headaches, depending on the concentration.

  • When taken in concentrated doses, Green Tea extract might also interact with certain drugs, like Beta-Blockers
  • In high concentrations, garlic can act like a blood thinner, similar to Aspirin.
    • If you are taking any kind of blood thinner regularly, you should make sure you contact your doctor before taking this, as the concentration of garlic could react with your medication and have side effects. 
  • In some cases, Ginseng can interfere with drugs like Warfarin.
  • Cat’s claw has shown some evidence of side effects, including nausea, and can interact with HIV medication.


It should be stated that no supplement alone causes you to shed unwanted weight and relying solely on supplements to achieve weight loss goals won’t give you the long-term results that you want. If you buy these supplements with that mindset, you may end up being disappointed.

However, it is promising that ProVen doesn’t promise dramatic overnight results like some other brands.

Often, when brands promise dramatic weight loss in a matter of weeks, their claims are bogus, and customers won’t experience this massive decrease in weight. Sometimes they do lose weight but find themselves putting it back on very quickly.

It is also encouraging that this company doesn’t promote very fast weight loss, which can often be dangerous. As a reference, people should be aiming to lose 1-2lbs a week at maximum, and if a company promotes weight loss any faster than that, customers should be wary.

The fact that ProVen doesn’t promote these very fast results, and instead focuses on slower, long term results is very encouraging as a consumer.

Also, due to the natural ingredients that are all thought to have beneficial effects on the body and our overall health, these products carry a much lower risk of side effects than other supplements.

If taken as part of a healthy diet with a good amount of exercise, customers may see some beneficial results.

These results may not just be in weight loss, but they may also see some of the other beneficial results in other areas of their health due to the antioxidants and vitamins found in these supplements.

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